For the LOVE of  SEAFOOD

Michael Francis Bavota

Glenbridge Publishing






For the LOVE of SEAFOOD takes the guesswork out of buying and cooking seafood in the home. For anyone who's ever had a doubt about whether one specie could be substituted for another, or just what to do with a new fish–this cookbook is the answer. This amazing seafood cookbook deserves a spot on the shelf in every kitchen. It answers questions a seafood lover–potential seafood lover didn't even know to ask. It tells the neophyte seafood cook how to spot quality in the supermarket or fish store and how to maintain freshness at home. The recipes are easy to read, easy to follow and delicious!

Phil Melfi- President

Ocean Cuisine, Farmingdale, NY


Review: by Gladys McLaughlin.

I love this book! The recipes are easy to prepare and taste good. Most of the ingredients, except the seafood, I had in my frig & pantry. I escpecially like how each chapter taught me where the fish comes from, how they are caught and I how to pick out really fresh fish at my neighborhood supermarket. No doubt- For the LOVE of SEAFOOD will entice me to buy & cook seafood. 


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Pincher says, "EAT MORE SEAFOOD!"